Recording Artwork

A good record of your artwork is really important for your portfolio. There's no substitute for high-quality professional imagery.

I will photograph your pieces or exhibitions for a one-off fee and provide you with beautiful images that really do your artwork justice, in any format you need.

My fee for the service is a special discounted rate for artists of £99 (as an artist myself I understand that every pound matters!). This covers 2 hours shooting shooting your exhibition or portfolio and 5 hours of post-production. I will then deliver to you a portfolio of images in a file-format to your specification (jpeg, tiff, png, or other standard file format). This can be done by e-mail, dropbox, or on CD.

As an artist myself I am often dismayed by the quality of representative images, that do no justice to the real-life work. Whether you work in painting, sculpture, or installation, a good record of your artwork is simply essential for your portfolio. Too many artists are let down by substandard photographic documentation of their work.

Here are some examples of work i've documented below.

Please contact me to find out more.
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